Flowers - DOP, OPk, OPBk & OPBk-strings

MIley Cyrus


  • Count-in included.
  • The v1 DOP and v3m OPk-strings song adds hi-hats (HH) to pace the beat; here’s how they’re used:
    — the intro guitar arpeggio plays after the 4th hit of the open HH
    — 3 hits of closed HH and then
    — the second iteration of 4 open HH hits cue the vocals (after the 4th open HH hit)
    — closed HH hits are used to pace where the keys would be playing; this is most applicable to the v1 song
  • How about a chart topper for the week of January 23-27, 2023? Flowers is presently No. 1 on this week’s Billboard 100.
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Song version_________Suggested kit

v1 DOP______________SUB-Standard Pro Plain
v3 OPBK_____________NP Standard Bass Piano
v3m OPk-strings_____STAX Piano & Hi Strings
v4 OPBk-strings______STAX Piano & Hi Strings

Includes: 4 songs, credits, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Flowers - Miley (132.3 KB)



Any chance of getting a plain file of this without the bass? We are just starting this song and would love to have a one press version of it!

The reason I did these two versions is because there’s a lot of audio “white space” before the drums kick in. If you can live with closed HH used to pace the beat during that white space, I’ll take another look at it this weekend.

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@persist that would be perfect!

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Hi, Persist -
Another great job! Thanks so much.
I wanted to add the closed hi-hit to the silent space at the beginning of your v4 OPBK-strings. (A very small tweak).
I’ve been making little tweaks to OP songs using Reaper for a while now, but lately have been running into an issue. (From my research on the forum, I think it’s a known bug and an old issue with the manager).

When I exported the midi file from your v4 version and pulled it into Reaper, the midi file says “Offline” and there is no content. My audio device was set up and on, so that isn’t the problem. I also tried pulling the exported midi file into Midi-Editor and Waveform with the same result (nothing in the file).
I’m thinking that the BBM somehow corrupted the midi file upon export.

So, I tried with several other songs in my BBM. Most of the midi files from those exported fine, but there were at least a few (probably more) that had the same bad result (showing as Offline or no data).

Has there been any progress or a solution to this issue yet, that you know of?
(I’m kind of handicapped if I can only edit certain songs that I download.)

Or, is there some other software or way that you know of that I can export the midi file from the .sng or .bbt file that is usable and not corrupted?

As always, any advice you can give would be GREATLY appreciated!

You can give BBFF Editor a try.
You can make those kinds of small tweaks easily within the editor, otherwise the MIDI export should work (and if it doesn’t, I’m here to fix things)

Hi, Andrew -

I agree. The MIDI export should work, and has worked most of the time, but I’ve also heard that this may be a known bug with the BBM.

Regarding your editor, I watched your video on the website, but it was only dealing with editing drums.

Does the editor also work on One Press songs? (That’s pretty much all I use, OPB, OPBK, etc.)


I read about this issue years ago on the Cockos forum and I don’t know if this can be pinned on Reaper, BBM or both. It’s one of the reasons I moved on from Reaper to Logic Pro X.

Reaper has been known to do this with exported BBM files and even some MIDI source files. Some users reported that they were able to successfully open the exported MIDI file by opening it using Area Maestosa (freeware), saving it and then opening it with Reaper.

Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll export the song to MIDI and DM it to you.

Thanks, Persist!
I’ll try Aria Maestosa & let you know how it goes.

I just exported to MIDI from the BBM and tried it in Reaper and it would not display the MIDI data.

So I double-checked the exported MIDI file in Logic Pro X and it appears I must have done something wrong as the count-in should have been 4 HH hits but only 3 were displayed, I corrected the file and it now opens properly in Reaper and it still works in the BBM.

My apologies. Here’s the file corrected and exported. Let me know if it’s still not editable in Reaper.

Song 4b (5.4 KB)

Persist, once again, you are awesome! :slight_smile:
I was just sitting here trying to get it to pull into Aria and it was still giving me an error.
I will download your export and let you know if it works.
Thanks again!

It opened in Reaper!
Thanks again, Persist!!!

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There are two videos, the first covers the editor (although there have been quite a few changes since that video)
Yes, it works with One Press songs as well (though they load a little slower because of how many bars the track will have)