EVH Tribute (11 songs in various versions)

EVH Tribute


  • This is an Edward Van Halen compilation and my intent is to offer a backdrop for those that want to jam or try to imitate EVH’s playing. It’s not meant to give short-shrift to the Van Halen group or any other artists. I’m providing a BB folder for easy import and the songs generally appear in alphabetical order.
  • The songs are also packaged individually with Chords & Lyrics, tabs and etc.
  • Because some users have trouble identifying a BB song folder, I came up with a distinctive gold icon to make it stand out on their desktop or within the unzipped folder:
    BB folder icon.pdf (28.5 KB)

List of songs in tribute to Edward Van Halen
1 Beat It*
2 Beautiful Girls*
3 Eruption-You Really Got Me
4 Finish What ‘Ya Started
5 Jamie’s Cryin’
6 Jump*
7 Little Guitars
8 Mean Street
9 Panama
10 Poundcake
11 Unchained

Notes :

  • Some but not all songs have a count-in; use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Import - Folder
  • Every song includes a separate zip file with the MIDI source file (where available) and the cheat sheet and/or tab
  • Link (in blue font) to new user resources 4

Suggested kit(s) : a variety of drum sets were used.

Includes : 11 songs, MIDI source files (NOTE: the asterisk following the song title indicates that a MIDI source file was not included) and either Chords & Lyrics or Tabs

EVH Tribute.zip (1.2 MB)

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