Suggested Remote Foot Switch Settings

Although there are many configurations available, this is intended to provide new users with a starting point on how to set up the remote foot switch to navigate songs within a folder on the pedal. This works with firmware version ≥2.0.4 and you set it using the Footswitch Functions on the pedal.

  • 1st switch (left); pedal stopped > advance song
  • 1st switch (left); pedal playing > pause/unpause
  • 2d switch (right); pedal stopped > back song
  • 2d switch (right); pedal playing > outro fill

How to use the settings

  • with a song stopped, press left foot switch once; pedal displays folder mode
  • press left switch once more (just click it); pedal displays songs within a folder; now you can use the left or right switch to move up or down one song at a time

Does it only work for navigating folders? I don’t really need it for that. I’d like to use it for functions within a song (Stop/Start, move to next section). Can that be configured?

It can move forward and backwards among songs. It cannot move among song parts.

See pages 6 and 33. Really, read the whole thing, but on 6 and 33, you’ll find that you can make the footswitch act as if it were the main pedal.

Thanks. I had read that. But is there a way to set it so that you only have to tap once on the left switch to Stop/Start a song (like you can on the Maestro)?

No. It works like the pedal. Tap to start, double tap to end, hold for transition to next part, etc. You can set one button to function as pedal and the other button to perform the stop function, but you would be using both buttons.

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Well darn. I guess I have to use the Maestro then. Thanks so much for answering my questions.