Can you move backwards in song section parts?

Hi I have BeatBuddy and the 2 button footswitch. I was wondering if there is a way to move backwards in a song part if you jump ahead by mistake and need to jump back.

Go to BB settings>footswitch
you have the options for next and previous part
need to have the last Firmware

I may have read this differently. Do you mean, if you are playing one of the default content beats and you advance to a Drum Fill or Transition Fill prematurely from the Main Drum Loop, realize it and want to return to the same Main Drum Loop?

Meaning, i have a song with 4 drum loops, i mistakenly advance from 1 to 2 too soon, want to jump back to previous loop.

It looks like you can set your footswitch to do that if you have the latest firmware version installed. I haven’t messed with the new firmware yet, so I haven’t tried it. I have been using the MIDI Maestro to go back to previous song parts. You can also use it to randomly access song parts 1 through 5! I do this quite a bit when I’m jamming with other musicians. It’s a great feature of the Maestro!

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