Can you power a big buddy with a 9 V battery adapter?

I want to start doing some busking which will require a battery powered amp ,can I power my Beat buddy with a 9 V battery and do you sell the battery adapter kit plug?

Yes, for about 6 minutes. :slight_smile:

You’re going to need something with a lot more juice than a 9-volt. Joyo used to sell a 9v power bank, but I haven’t see one in a while. You want something with the highest mWh (milliwatt hours) or Amp hours as you can find. I’ve never really looked at it, but I suppose one of those monster 12v computer power banks with a step=down transformer to get it to 9 bolts could work. But again, I haven’t really given it a lot of though, so maybe not.

Didn’t someone post a video of a completely cordless keyboard setup several months back? I’d have a look on YouTuibe for it, because I’m pretty sure it was a YouTube link.

A Pedaltrain Volto might help you out a bit more…

…but look at the specs to see if it is going to give you enough power.

Rodders : )

That should work for a day of busking, if you are just running the BB. BB power requirement is approx 300ma. You should get 20 hours out of it.

I have the Joyo JMP-01 and bought it from Amazon:

It has ample power for the BB (2000 mA) and has a capacity of 6600 mAh which theoretically means it could power the BB for 6600/300= 22hrs.

Have you tried it with a big buddy with no problems?

I have had great luck powering my pedalboard (including a BeatBuddy Mini) using a 20000 mAh phone charger and a usb to 5.5mm barrel 4.5v to 9v step up cable. All purchased on Amazon.

I use a Vox DA5 practice amp that I have powered up with the same phone charger and a 4.5v to 12v step up cable (after soldering the proper connections).

I am not a busker (too scared and I live in a town that is absolutely filthy with professional musicians) but I have played with this setup in my backyard for a couple of hours at a time.

I just joined this forum so I don’t know if it is kosher to link to Amazon or other store pages. But these are easy to find on Amazon and Newegg.

BTW: the battery and cable set me back about $22 a set. I bought the really cheap knockoff battery and it has been going well for the last year and a half or so.

Feel free to post the link

Thanks, Persist.

I’ve tried a couple of different adapter cables. The most recent were from KUNCAN:

They also make step up cables for 9, 15 and 18 volts. If you look around, you may find a single cable that will step up to different values.

This is the phone powerbank:

Mind you, I picked those two items because they were cheap. I doubt I will ever put myself in a position to truly need to rely on them and you may want to look around for more mainstream batteries such as the Ankers, which are also pricier.

I just bought a full sized BeatBuddy which probably has a larger power draw although at 20000 mAh you should be fine unless you are running a gazillion other pedals.

BTW, Rockabilly: what battery powered amp are you using?

I plan to run a Roland Street cube

Coolness. Roland Cube amps are great. I’d love to hear what you decide on your final setup.

FWIW I’ve been running my BB for years with a small 12V 4.5AH battery that powers my harmonizer and a 12 to nine-volt converter which is about the size of a matchbook to run the BB. I have never run out of power at a several hour gig. The harmonizer, BB, BB pedal switch and the battery/converter are mounted on a piece of plywood that easily fits in a small backpack.

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