can you record the drums off bb into reason and use them drums to build a song?

Would be over the moon if this is possible

What is your exact “reason” you want to record the BeatBuddy into?

Sorry reason 7 the software programme i am wondering if you can use the drums off the bb to record into an audio track in reason 7 and build a song around it

If your Reason 7 software allows for grabbing sound input from BeatBuddy, I think this is more than possible.

Reason will allow you to record from just about any audio input that your computer has, so recording from the BB, your guitar, a clock radio…all are possible, though I’m not sure what benefit it would be over just using the original samples.

I did this into Sonar X1 with no trouble. I picked the ‘song’ that fit my tune and recorded the beat buddy and triggered fills and transitions as needed. Worked well.

Nice one thanks for the info

Don’t have the software mentioned but just for information, I use a JamMan Delay Looper through an Alesis mixer with the Beat Buddy and can record direct into any PC that allows recording. Fingerstylepicker.