Can you save master volume setting per song?

Just wondering if the latest update does this?
Anytime I change a track level on a song, it’ll ask me if i want to save those changes before exiting. Why not this for master volume? Every song starts at 100% volume. Even though it’s at near 75 when I exited last. Or maybe it does, somewhere?

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Not that I’m aware of.
I’ve wanted this for a long time myself

You can adjust the level on a per-drumkit basis. A work-around might be to make a copy of the drumkit for each level? For example, have a quiet, medium and loud version of the drumkits you use.

I run the beat buddy audio separate from the Aeros. The BeatBuddy stays at the level I had previously. So if I had bb set to 75%, then change songs, the bb will still start at 75%, which is great. However, the Aeros will bump up to 100% at every song change.
I’m just saying I think it would be cool to be able to save the song at the desired master level (75% in my case).
It’s not the end of the world, or anything. But it just seems weird that you can save track volumes at desired level, but not Master. Especially since the volume wheel on Aeros is digital continuous, not like the BB’s.

Here is a relevant thread on this topic

Hi Brennan,
Thanks for the comeback, but I’m not understanding how this is relevant. Sorry.
I’m simply asking for either a way to save Master level output for songs, or keep the master level stationary to the wheel. ie not change to 100% at the top of every song selection.

Hey again,

was just a related conversation on a similar topic.

EDIT: Looks like this may be coming soon!

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