Can You See Me (Jam version, with strings and without) re-up - Jimi Hendrix - Classic Rock

I sitting here looking at the copyright date on this song, 1967. It’s 50 YEARS OLD! I have trouble wrapping my head around that. And, apparently, I’ve always played it incorrectly, but that’s how I’m going to post it.

  1. I do it in C, its written in Bb (actually an F key signature, but the 1 chord is Bb, so that’s Bb lydian, I think?)
  2. There is a 2/4 measure on the “thousand years” phrase, followed by the G Bb C Bb G D lick. I have always played the lick as starting in what is that 2/4 measure, effectively eliminating the 2/4 measure. If that gives you serious heartburn, I have included the midi file with the 2/4 measure included.

    3)I did a version of this with strings playing the guitar lead in the midi. I lowered the volume and raised the pitch, so it goes nicely with what you might want to play on guitar, but I also included a version without strings for the more pure-hearted in your midst.

    Strings version used NP P-Bass and Better strings. No strings version can use any kit with the bass mapped at 0-31. I’ve enjoyed it with the NP TMB Bass and Orbit Moods, even though you get no Orbit Moods. Also try it with any of GarryA’s Rock with Bass and … kits, or for that matter with NP P-Bass and Better Strings.

    Includes: original midi, midi parts for both versions, 2 sng files, chords and lyrics in pdf and plain text.

Download Here