Cancelled loop starts on next song

Anyone else with a Midi Maestro, Aeros, BB setup who’s had a loop from the previous song start playing despite the Aeros being in the song list? Then for the love of money I just couldn’t stop the loop even when I stopped the song. At a festival gig too. Very embarrassing to say the least.

Hello there, could you please explain what happened before it started playing back? Did you send a start command while in the songs list?

Let me know, thanks

I have customised my Maestro so that one switch on my main (home) menu takes me into the songs (saved loops) list om the Aeros and into a new set of commands on the Maestro, two switches for scrolling up and down, and one switch for selecting the song I require. Another switch takes me back to the main menu where I can start, stop, pause and scroll.

I had hit the switch which takes me back to the song list on the Aeros and the Aeros showed the song list rather than the song (saved loop) I required. I believe I then hit the scroll to take me to the next song on the BB which is what I normally do and then started the song (and it was the correct song). The previous loop then started although the Aeros still showed the song screen. I stopped the song (on the Maestro) but the loop continued. You can guess I’m now panicking as this is a live show so I don’t know what I was pressing but I eventually did get the loop to stop.

This has never happened before (yes, I have forgotten to cancel the previous loop) and I’ve been using this set-up for well over a year.

It’s possible the Aeros is not filtering start commands on the songs list screen, the BeatBuddy sends start commands when it is started itself

What version of the Aeros are you on?


This version should filter all MIDI commands when on the Home Screen, the songs list not filtering is likely an oversight.

Obviously, you had no idea, but for the next one try going to the home screen, there is a MIDI command for this. You can also return to the Home screen if your current song is empty and you hold the Play Stop All.

Thanks for reporting we will look into it, and we apologize for any inconvenience

Thanks, Brennan. I’d already set up that Home switch on another page, so now I know I’ll remember to do that until it’s fixed. Thank you.

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