cannot create new Instrument

Hello guys,
i wanted to create a new drumkit named “latin_DrumL_BassR” as i did it with the drumkit Rock many month before. For this i made a copy of the latin drumkit an edited all the wave files to mono an panning it to the left.
After this i opened the new drumkit and copied all the edited wave files including the bass files to this folder and saved the drumkit. Synchronizing with the beatbuddy showed that i did it right. The left side of the output was Drum and the right side was muted because at this time i didnt create the Bass Instrument.
Now i wanted to create the Bass. First i deleted all the drum notes in the range between 62 an 87 and saved the drumkit. After this i started to add a new instrument but i could not create it. I tried more times but nothing happened.
The used space is at 90% and there is enough space to operate.

Any idea what’s wrong?


Did you try doing a Save As, and giving the kit a new name? I find if I do that, then quit and restart BBM and import the renamed kit, I am able to work on new kits.

Also, was Add Instrument unavailable, or did you click on it and see nothing happen? If it appears available, it would create an instrument at the first available open location. If you deleted 62 through 87, the first available location is not necessarily 62. It could be 0 or 33, for example, depending upon whether you have instruments already filling those slots.

yes that was the problem. The software took the first available place and this i didnt see!
Thank you for your help.