Cannot delete a track - Saving on sd card issues

First i have to say again that i am very very disappointed with this aero thing. 700 euros, cannot erase a track when making a mistake, when recording for example 3 tracks with 3 parts and i make a mistake for example on the first track first part, i just want to erase it to record fresh, just basic but not working. i can re-record BUT when saving on the sd card and importing to logic the sd card has saved all the parts including the parts that i did not want which makes the numbers of files inside the sd card huge when recording many times over. that’s insane.

When saving on the sd card the aero do not even keep the project…???
when removing the sd card have to first put another song if not the aero is messed up saying to not remove the song.

I spent 3 days on a project, import the file in logic, put the card back in aero and only 1 track with all the parts are saved, the other 2 disappeared although there are there, i know because i can see the files on my mac.

have many other issues also.

I am really really p… upset for a lack of a better word. when do we expect all those bugs to be fixed?

Hi there

I’m sorry too hear you are having trouble.

The Aeros does not support deletion of tracks, this is for various reasons but this is not really a blocker, you can get the same behavior as deleting by undoing and re-recording a track. You can find more information about why we don’t allow track deletion and add any further input here.

If you would like to improve the undoing mechanism, we have a feature called “Cancel Recording” which makes it so that you can cancel (immediately undo) the current recording or overdub with one tap of the Play / Stop All button, you can enable this setting in the Device settings, it is off by default.

The Aeros does not create copies of the project, no. The Aeros will only save the current project to the chosen location. To be frank, it does not seem logical to expect a file to be automatically copied from the SD to the internal, but that being said it definitely should be possible to create copies of songs on the Aeros itself. We do plan on allowing this soon in a future firmware update.

Did you try to reimport the tracks into the Aeros after using them in logic? This is not supported, but import support is coming soon.

Let me know if you have any more questions and feel free to write to with any other concerns.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for reporting.