Cannot find the right wav converter for BB

So im trying to make a custom kit. I have a bunch of AIF files that i want to use.I tried converting them to wav using five different programs with no success. I set the output format to Wav 16 bit (also tried 24 bit) stereo 44.1 kHZ. When i create a drumset i get a loud noise instead of my samples.
Is there a free software that can convert to the wav format supported by Beatbuddy?

I tried it, but i still had the same issue.
There are different wav formats: wav/a-law, wav/mu-law, wav, wav/24bit …etc
which one is the correct one?

The program I actually use is NCH Switch, but you wanted something free. In Switch, I convert to 44.1 kHz, 16bit wav files, but I have no clue what subtype of wav it creates. I’d be happy to try to convert one of your samples with Switch and give you the resulting file. Switch also let’s you set the Normalization level. Are you certain that your samples are not just clipping, and thus creating the static noise?

You can also use Audacity to convert the wav files.