Cannot save SD card as project.

I have only just rec’d BB today and keen to progress with songlists etc.
I have an iMac running 10.10.5. I have upgraded the SD & BB to new firmware 1.4.
BUT, I cannot get the manager to save the SD in order to save the original data etc, it flashes up an exclamation signal “unable to open the project file for saving” …any thoughts?. I have watched all the tutorials but I must be doing something wrong, …any ideas please?

…furthermore, when I first open the BBman app ( with the SD card in, dialogue box says “unable to open the project file for saving”
…if I open BBMan app without a SD card inserted, dialogue box says
“Invalid project file location: /Volumes/NO NAME/NO NAME.bbp is not in a proper location.Missing required files and/or folders”

Can somebody help me, I’m just a simple guitarist looking for a drum beat, I’m not a software engineer, all I want to do is create a gig list as a “song” folder but the software interface is not doing what it says in the guides . Any leads will be useful

It’s complaining because it doesn’t think that location is an SD card, so say “No” (Basically, no, don’t save elsewhere, save here). It should go ahead and sync to your card. Very confusing error!

Thanks @aashideacon , I’ve just been away for a few days, now back to sorting this BB pedal/software.
I have started again completely, deleted all traces off my Mac. First of all downloaded the BBManager & installed so I have latest, then I updated the firmware to 1.4.1, no probs. I first notice that I dont have the same menu bar on the Mac as illustrated in manual which reads “File Edit Import-Export Organise Tools”, mine reads “File Edit Songs Drumsets Tools UsefulLinks Help”

Nothing seems to work as per manual, so I decided to try to muddle my way thru a gig list set-up. I opened the project SD card (unlocked) and saved its contents as a workfile under “user-lib”, then I opened this workfile on BBM and started to create a gig folder in the songs
“File - New Folder”, named it, then selected 3 songs, exported to holding location
But when I reselected the new gig folder to import them it came up with this message…
“Unable to copy song data for file /Volumes/NO NAME/SONGS/46E997C3/F2C7A519.BBS to project”

So I’m getting a little further, but maybe I’m doing something fundamentally wrong.
Again, would appreciate any help !!

Hi again @aashideacon …dont worry researching my probs, I think I’ve sussed it… I’ve managed to write and save a new giglist on my SD card and play it on the pedal, …my understanding is still a little confused but at least I’ve achieved it and can now work on some songs and hopefully consolidate my understanding by trial and error. …but the screens are different to the manual, but at least the basic process is the same! Cheers.

I still cannot project to SD card

Could you be a little more descriptive of the problem, please? Sounds like you’re unable to save a project to your SD card. What kind of error messages are you getting?

I got frustrated trying to get a project on my card, so I deleted everything I had on my computer about beat buddy and tried installing as if I was just starting. Followed as instructed but now I can’t do a think. Just have a blank beat buddy on my computer. Very messed up right now.

Sorry to hear that you’re having a problem. Two suggestions:

Thanks persist, I`ll try that

Downloaded BB manager. Window opens to beatbuudy bundle, it says (repair),(uninstall),(close). So I click on repair, then a window pops up, it says, invalid project file location, new card is not in proper location, missing required files or folders

You will probably have to tell the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) where your BBWorkspace is located. Assuming you downloaded and installed the files already and you know where they are located, just go to the BBM menu Tools/Set Workspace Location, navigate to your BBWorkspace folder is and open it.

I am having problems importing songs, which i haven’t had in the past.
I tried creating a new folder, exporting and importing the song to the new folder, but keep getting the below error message.
any help would be greatly appreciated.


There used to be a problem downloading songs made with different manager versions. If other songs work - it is most likely that. What are you attempting to download and import?