Cannot see folder on BeatBuddy


This may have already been discussed here so pardon the repeat.

I created a new folder with Beat Buddy Manager and copied some favorites into it. I can see it on BB manager when I load the SD card to the computer but it does not show up when the card is in the pedal.



If you used a period or some other special character in the folder name or one of the favorites that the BeatBuddy (BB) doesn’t like, that might be a possible cause.

To me, your description sounds a bit unclear: If you creat a new folder with BBM, it only exists on your computer in the first place. Has nothing to do with the SD card. You then would need to sync or export your project to get it onto the SD card.

If ever it is on the SD card (organised by the BBM), the BB will read the content except for special cases Persist mentioned.