Can't afford to buy a Looper with midi clock.....

hi, can you please explain? BB and looper are not midi linked and you manage to keep them on time?

Hi Marcello. I’ve recorded my Bass Simulator and Beatbuddy drums into my Xvive Duet Looper which is in Verse and Chorus Mode. After recording the Verse and the Chorus parts, I stopped the Beatbuddy and it’s only the Looper that is playing.

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thanks for this video !

If you have an Ipad get Quantiloop, its very inexpensive looper, and there is not a hardware looper that even comes close to what it does.

Thanks Larry. How do I connect the ipad to the Beatbuddy?

Well there are several different ways but IK MultiMedai has several products, also Korg makes an interface

So I basically need a midi interface and a blueboard? Is this gonna be a plug and play set up? For I don’t know anything about setting the midi commands.

Its not plug and play, well let me back up, if your Not going to have OnSong control the looper, then yes it will be a very easy setup. You for the most part want the Beatbuddy to send a midi signal to the looper to control Start/Stop and Tempo. So that setup will get you up and running in a very short time, also there are several of us here that can make sure if you have an questions we can work you trough it. Dont let Midi scare you, it really is not that hard. I made a very nice video on You Tube about OnSong and Quantiloop, im sure would help you out.

Thanks so much Larry. So the wiring connections are: from Beatbuddy midi out to iRig Duo midi in, then iRig Duo midi out to Quantiloop. How do I connect iRig Blueboard?

The Blue board is bluethooth, wireless connection to the quantiloop, go to the Quantiloop website very easy to connect