can't change the tempo with the 1.6.6 version

The numbers are changing but the tempo stay the same when I play the song. I have this problem since I upgraded to the 1.6.6 version in my Beatbuddy manager. Would you help me please ? Thanks !

There working on it ver. 1.6.6 is a beta version

It’s still in development. We should have a fix for this very soon.

BBM is really lagging for me recently. Gives me the (Not responding) and then it starts to work. Very slow to change drum kits on songs. Just FYI.

Same with mine. I go into the built in editor, (which I have not had much luck with) and change the tempo there. But every once and awhile it will remap the drums and bass. So I re-import the midi file and eventually get it to sound right. But then there are times when the intro is cut off or starts later in the measure count. Hope this is looked at too.