Can't cure this!

Yesterday I noticed that some of my kits had the dreaded red links. This happened in the past when I had wav files that BB would not recognize. But, as it turns out, BB does recognize these wav files. The songs play fine I just get this when I open a kit:


If I try to close the kit, I then get this:


But, it turns out, I can just close the kit and use it with no problems.

I went to the extreme of doing what I thought was a totally clean install. Deleted Workspace. Deleted BB Manager. Reinstalled manager and created new Workspace. I still get it. I went back to the public release from the beta I was using, again, delete, reinstall. Same deal. I even went back to a full system back up I did on another HD, from before the problem started. Restarted from there, and still get the same stuff, which is really, really weird. But, it all works. So, do I bother with anything? Do I just live with it? It works in the pedal as well as in BBManager, it just gives me the missing links message, but they are not missing.

One other easier to resolve issue - When I did the full recovery install and reloaded default content onto a blank SD card, I did not get the 1.1 kits. Where are those downloads?

Oh, yeah system info, BBM or, Mac. Firmware 2.0.4.

Alright, Alright, Alright!!! I didn’t think this could get more bizarre, but it just did. I found one kit with an editing error. It needed to have a non-percussion bass note set to non-percussion, when it showed as percussion. Well, with the kits all buggered up and showing red, anytime I tired to edit a red wave, I got an immediate shut down of BBM. So I wasn’t gonna have that happen, but I still needed to edit the kit. I took a copy of the kit from my archives to a USB drive, and took it over to my PC version of BBM. Imported the drum kit on the PC, set the note to non-percussion, saved the kit, and exported the kit back to the zip dive. I deleted the kit from the Mac BBM version. Imported the kit from the zip drive. I suddenly had no more errors on that kit. I kinda expect that might happen. Here’s the weird very cool part - I also have no more errors on any of my other kits! Truly a Ghost in the Machine kinda issue. Now, I just have a zillion drum kits to reinstall, but at least i can be a little particular about it and only install ones for which I have a song.

I had a similar weird one…had a kit that did a similar thing on the desktop and had errors even though it had been built correctly…opened up on the laptop and it worked…saved it and the next time it opened on the desktop without a problem.

I did notice that the sample memory capacity bar on the top of the kit page in BBM sometimes lies to me… I’ve saved a kit at 98% and when I reopened it it was instantly red…the kit size was also 120K so it was obviously too big. Why it didn’t update properly as I was adding samples I do not know…

I’m just glad it’s working properly again. The idea of moving all my BB editing to the PC was not making me happy.