Can't Download BB Manager

I just received my new BB yesterday. Today, I tried to go to the link to download BB Manager Ver. 1.33. When I go to the link I get the following Dropbox error message:

[SIZE=6]Error (509)[/SIZE]
This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

Am I missing something?

No, as the message states the link is generating too much traffic so Dropbox has temporarily disabled access to it - try again tomorrow. Singular Sound most likely have been informed and may need to move it to another files sharing site or the website itself.

Same problem for me. I’m looking for gypsy swing and country swing genres and wanted to try the manager app. Wish there were an android version of the manager…

While the dropbox problem is being solved, I’ve uploaded BBManager (Windows 1.33) to my Google Drive:

Android version would definitely be cool!

Thanks for posing this. I downloaded it this morning. Now I can start working on a song list folder. Cheers!!

Thank you Daefecator! Got it. The Dropbox package is still not available today. Now, to find some songs, boom-chic beats, etc…
I managed to get MIDI-SYNC working with my VoiceLive 3 (set the VL3 to QUANTIZE, BB MIDI-out to VL3 MIDI-in - simple) for well timed loops. So I am very happy with this combination of gear. It’s making the OMB and TMB projects much more fun. No more griping from the drummer that he doesn’t like playing to loops or smokes, drinks, etc. Gamechanger! - Thanks again!