Can't download 'sng' attachments

Hi, new member here. I can’t get any of the song attachments to download, whether I right click on them and select ‘save target as’ or left click on them. It just seems to start the download but it’s not really as it’s trying to download ‘index.php’ or ‘index.html’ and just gives up at 0%. Any help greatly appreciated.

I just checked and I was able to download an SNG file from the forum.
Try a different browser like Mozilla Firefox I use.

I’m using Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 - surely it should work as I don’t have problems downloading anything usually?

I wouldn’t recommend using Internet Explorer anyways.

Internet Explorer is the best browser to download a good browser.

Seems to work with Firefox, strange how it doesn’t with Internet Explorer though (maybe something to do with my ‘free download manager’ program but it usually works well). Thanks for your help.