Cant export Midi files into Presonus Studio One

Hey folks,

I used to be able to export midi files from Beatbuddy manager and edit them in Studio One. After upgrading to the latest version of the manager the midi files do not import into Studio One correctly. its seems to only import the first beat of each instrument (kick, snare & hi hat) but wont import the whole phrase.

Am I doing something wrong?


Which version of the BBM are you using?


And Im on a mac

Please check your forum inbox.

Umm, that was not helpful.

I am having the same problem.

The current BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) versions for Mac and PC don’t seem to export to MIDI correctly. Singular Sound is aware of the problem and has been working on the issue.

What a lame response to such a fundamentally important function to the operation of this unit raised almost 3 years ago. C’mon get it together.

Please don’t shoot the messenger :shushing_face: your comment has been passed along to Singular Sound @DavidPackouz

Sorry. I don’t mean to be disrespectful . Just frustrated. I love the product and appreciate the great customer service I have received. It’s just frustrating that this product , which is so awesome as hardware unit is so lacking on the software side of things. With companies like Boss now starting to bring products to the market very similar to the Beatbuddy, I would think it more important than ever to improve the product to maintain your competitive edge.

I understand and share your frustration. It seems that every time Singular Sound starts repairs on the software, it’s only a matter of weeks before that person is diverted to some other task. These starts and stops are highly inefficient and seem to indicate that the company does not care about its core product.

I know they were looking to add another developer to devote to the BBM. Hopefully they have a new one on board.

@jonnyrock We know how frustrating this is, and I apologize for how long an official solution is taking. We do have a beta version of the BBManager (1.66) that is able to export MIDI files. I can send you in a PM, which I will do now.

Hi can you tell me if this is now working? I’d like to export my BB track into studio one

Regrettably, still no improvement.

Is that now possible ?

If not, I am interested with BBmnanager 1.66

Contact Support and let them know what computer OS you are using.