Can't Export to SD Card

I can’t get new purchased drums to the pedal. When I Export to SD card I get this warning


A couple of possibilities here:
[]It could be the version of the BBM you are using. I think this error used to pop up on versions ≤ If you’re using or 1.6.5, you should be okay.
]If you’ve previously exported to the SD card (from the same project), you should be able to use the BBM > Synchronize Project after your first export (unless you’re using a new project that was not previously exported using the BBM.

I don’t know what you did. When you purchase new content you add it to your BB
Project using BB Manager. THEN you export the Project to the card using Manager.

Everything is updated. When I attempt to Sync, I get a warning saying I need to Export to SD. So I do that and get this. [ATTACH=full]6882[/ATTACH]

Do you have a folder named bbworkspace on your computer and did you use the BBM to Set Workspace Location to that folder? If so, I’m thinking that your BBM possibly has your project files split between your bbworkspace folder and your desktop folder.

I think you’re right. Do you know the fix? Thanks!!
Also, I have a 4GB Beatbuddy SD, maybe it’s getting full?

Unless you have thousands of songs and dozens of drum kits, your 4Gb SD card should be good. You can just open the card (Mac) or use the Explorer (Windows) to see how much space is available.

Here’s the steps:
[]From the BBM menu, Tools > Set Workspace Location; navigate to your bbworkspace folder
]If you have more than one folder named bbworkspace, you might want to get rid of any that are not in your user/documents path
[]From the BBM menu File > Save Project As; navigate to your bbworkspace folder/user_lib/projects and save it there
]BBM File > Export > Project to SD Card; make sure you save it to the root level of the card and when it prompts you to sync to your SD card, do so
[*]delete the folder on your desktop that you’ve been using instead of the bbworkspace (so you won’t accidentally use it again)
If this doesn’t work, you might have a corrupted project, bbworkspace, or SD card. Hard to tell. If this is the case, you may have to start from scratch by following the instructions at but hopefully you won’t have to do so.

Thanks for everything. I’ll start the process!

OK, I’ve spent all day trying to Export project. I’ve cleared the SD card and made a BBWorkspace folder.
I then Set the Workspace location. When I export to SD card it looks like this and creates and exports the Drumset
Then after the drumset is loaded I get this
So the 2017 September Project is located on an external drive.
I’ve emailed tech support twice and have not heard back

I’d love to be able to create some music soon!!!

I’ve started over. Downloaded the default BB content. Now when trying to export to SD card I get this

From the screen shots, it appears that you have a bbworkspace folder on your SD card and if so, that’s a no-no.

Opened conversation with you.

Thanks, it appears my SD card was in the “lock” position.

Get the same response, stripped the SD card blank and reloaded Final content songs. Loaded into BBM, made minor changes and got similar messages. In addition never set the BBworkspace Location when I got the unit and it worked fine.