Cant find a tempo for john coletrane these are a few of my favorite things

i slow tempo jazz is not on beat buddy

How about jazz 9 3/4 swing 176 bpm

You could always make a request!

what is a DAW???

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how do i bring down to 3/4 time

yes request help john coltraine song THESE ARE A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TEMPO…PLEASE ALSO LATIN MUSIC HOW CAN I GET SOME CONGAS IN BEATBUDDY.working willie bobo fried neckbone and some home fries…latin beat isnot in beatbuddy with congas…??? just asking ??

You don’t bring a song down to 3/4, you choose a 3/4 rythm like the jazz 9 is, it’s just the name of the rythm in the BB.
Hope this helps.)

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Hey again, you have to make the request on the site I linked, I’ll link it here again

Also, the congas are there, let me show you the typical Latin set midi drum map, I believe this is the same one we use

And yes, 3/4 time can be set by choosing a song with that time signature, remember that just means counting 3 quarter notes instead of 4. A song in 4/4 can’t easily be “changed” to 3/4.

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thank you sir

can i do all this wih googe crome on my computer who can i talk too to walk me though this i contact the link for LATIN SET MIDI DRUM SET MAP ,I DO NOT HELP…TALING TO TITO PEUN CONGA PUENTE PLAYER… HELP

Hey please reach out to and they will help you out!