Cant find songs I paid for on SD card

So I just purchased and downloaded 14 songs from the BB premium library. I then uploaded them to my SD card and inserted into the BB pedal. They are nowhere to be found. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I gotta say my impression so far with this pedal and customer service is less than bad.

Thanks, Brian

Reading the user manual is your starting point.

  • You need to import the songs to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • Save the project
  • Export the project to the SD card

Well that’s not user friendly at ALL, especially for those of us that bought the pedal thinking it already had songs on it. I just wasted another $10. By the time I do all that I could’ve just played and recorded the drum track myself. Just when I thought I couldn’t be more unhappy with this purchase I am proven wrong yet again.

Sorry if you believe my response was not helpful.

Perhaps you should contact and they can guide you through the process.

I appreciate your response. It’s the less than user-friendly process that’s the issue. This pedal is not as advertised at all.

I already have contacted them multiple times. Sending a letter thru USPS would be about as fast. I did not anticipate the need to spend as much time on a $400 pedal (including the footswitch) to get a limited amount of backing drum tracks and for it to be such a PIA to do.

Sincerely, Brian

And I want my $$ back for the 14 songs I purchased. I will be returning the BB pedal and the footswitch.

For me, the benefits of using BBM far outweigh the sacrifice of convenience. I was strongly against having to get a PC in order to just run BBM. I was wrong and I’m very glad I jumped in to all things Beat Buddy. This device is super cool.

I can appreciate your frustration as I think every new user that’s tried to use the software and pedal has experienced the same “what have I gotten myself into?”

The process isn’t really that difficult and once you become familiar with the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), it becomes almost second nature to download, unzip the song files and then use the BBM File-Import-Song (or a folder of songs). You have to use the BBM to manage the content which means you also have to use the BBM to export the content to your SD card.

Singular Sound has been working on redesigning the interface to make the interface and user experience easier and we are all anxiously anticipating the new software with hopefully a totally revamped process.

Well I’m glad it worked for you. It’s not what I expected and not what I need nor is it nearly as user friendly as I thought it would be. The more I find out about the pedal the less I like it.

Again I appreciate your response. How long has SS been working on this redisign? At this point it appears they need to keep working on it.