Can't find "Start a Conversation" button

Awesome! :slight_smile:

Hi- Still no “Start A Conversation” button for me.

@BeatBuddy Support hey: can you do the same fix for ironsausage58 as you did for fingerstylepicker, please?

@persist[/USER] Hmm, this is indeed strange. [USER=1100]@ironsausage58[/USER] Your last screenshot is from before we made the changes that solved it for [USER=2876]@fingerstylepicker - Would you be able to include a screenshot now, not only of the username popup like you did before, but also of the top right of the screen after clicking on the envelope icon (as per the screenshot attached)?

Hi Support. I also don’t have a “Start A Conversation” button.

Hey, creed. I let the Admin know.

Creed, try logging out of and then back on to this forum and see if you can start a conversation.

Hi Persist. I already tried that but still no “Start a Conversation” button here.

I’ll let the webmaster know.

I am seeing this problem as well. I’ve tried several browsers and have no option to start a conversation.

@BeatBuddy Support, could you ask the web admin to look into this, please?

I notified them.

This should now be resolved. Can you confirm?

I don’t see the option when clicking on the envelope or a user’s profile tab. I tried Chrome, Edge and Internet Explorer under Windows 10.

I don’t see Start a Conversation when I click the top right envelope or on a users profile. Multiple browsers and no joy.

Seems like something’s hinky on the server side :frowning:

Re-reported it. They will look into this. @bo1979 I will keep you updated.