Can't find "Start a Conversation" button

Hi- Would like to start a conversation with members but when going to their profile there’s no “Start a Conversation” option.

I just click on the hyperlinked name below a user’s avatar:

Hi- For some reason I don’t have that option…

Try logging out and back in to the forum. If that doesn’t work, contact

Thanks, will contact support. Logging back in didn’t fix.

Just opened a test conversation with you. Another way to start a conversation is to click on the envelope icon in the upper r/h corner next to your screen name–you should see a Start A New Conversation button

Believe this or not, but I have never had any luck trying to start a conversation with anyone. It has never worked for me no matter what I try. It always gives me an error message as to the right subject matter not being correct. The only way I can get into any conversation is one that is already open. The support team doesn’t seem to be able to help. They give me the same directions as before.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

If you click on the letter icon in the top right of your screen, and select “Start a New Conversation”, it will not allow you to? Can you upload a screenshot of the error message?

Here is a copy of the error message I get when I try to start a new conversation:
[SIZE=5]The following error occurred:[/SIZE]
Please enter a valid message.
I have yet to determine what they mean by a “Valid Message”. I have tried everything from a description of the subject matter or a full paragraph and still no luck.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Are you using the latest versions of:

  • Your browser
  • Java
  • Adobe Flash?

Have you tried a different browser (Chrome vs Firefox vs Opera etc.)?

This is definitely very strange if you are indeed writing a subject line and a full message, with a specified recipient. Try using a different browser as @Rob22315 suggested, and let us know what happens.

Changing browser doesn’t help. Still no option to start conversation.[ATTACH=full]2989[/ATTACH]

@BeatBuddy Support: is it possible that the missing Start Conversation function has something to do with forum account permissions or configuration for ironsausage58 and fingerstylepicker?

Could the forum web admin look into this?

Thanks. That’s just what it sounds like. I had some problems with the account permissions when I first joined the Beat Buddy Forum.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I’ll look into this.

The webmaster made some changes to the forum. Does it work now?

Thanks, Jay. Hopefully this fixes @fingerstylepicker[/USER] and [USER=1100]@ironsausage58 problems starting a conversation.

Persist, What is the very first thing I do to start a new conversation say like with you? The support team said they fixed a few things and wanted me to try it again. I must be doing something wrong. The first thing I do is describe a topic for the conversation and then click on “Start a Conversation”.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Click on Start a Conversation first. Then a new window should pop up. They said you should be able to see that option after you click the name of the person you want to Start the Conversation with.
1 click persons name
2 should see - Start a Conversation - click on those words
3 new window or a new screen should appear to type title and subject.

Thanks, jstrauss. I think fingerstylepicker may have this fixed as he started a conversation with me :wink: