Cant find wav files

is it possible a kit to open normally in BBM but you can’t find the wav files on your computer?? that’s what is happening to me. My stax piano harmonica kit doesn’t exist on my PC but it works normally on BBm and my project.

I assume you are using Windows. BBM nests kit Wave folders deep with other kits. Yesterday, I found a folder 30 or so folders deep within other kit folders. This, then, breaks Windows search function as there is a 260 character path limit. It is a feature of BBM which has been broken for a number of years. I am not sure of the solution, if there is one. The WAVES are on your computer, but your search will not display them. Maybe there is a program/utility than can get around this issue.

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I also tried to find by name of an instrument of the kit. for ex harmonic but I couldn’t. The strange thing is that only this one and 2 more kits that I can’t find. All the others I found.
I deleted the kit, imported again but still I can’t find the wavs.

As Phil_Flood says, the BBM nests folders within the bbworkspace folder many many many layers deep. This happens when users are using the Drum Set Maker to create or edit drum sets. Not helping matters is that folders and files in the bbworkspace folder are invisible. I think you can toggle Windows Explorer to search for invisible files but even that’s not a guarantee that you’ll easily find your wav files.

When you have this issue, here’s what might help you:

  • synchronize your current project to your SD card so that you have the latest content on your card
  • quit the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • make a backup of your bbworkspace folder and then zip it
  • delete the bbworkspace folder from your computer (as well as any other instances on your computer)
  • download, unzip and place the bbworkspace folder folder into your Documents folder from Download default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder
  • open the BBM and insert SD card into your computer’s SD slot reader
  • BBM File - Open Project (and navigate to your SD card; the project will open)
  • accept the prompt to save the project to your computer and navigate to BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects; give your project a name and press Save
  • accept prompt to link card for synchronizing
  • you can try searching your bbworkspace folder/projects/default_lib for wav files (toggle search for invisible files/folders)
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thanks. II try it

what is the reason of BBM hiding these files so deeply

The files don’t appear to be invisible on the Mac version of the BBM but they seem to be for some Windows users.

I have no idea why they were made invisible.

The reason there are so many nested folders is caused by a bug.

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