Can't get BB to stop Ditto, and Q? about changing bpm

Hi -
Former miniBB user that upgraded to full BB for synching, and using Ditto x4 with mode switch 2 in up position.
Synching is working for loops, but I can’t figure how to get Ditto to stop when stopping BB.
What settings should I check to see if some MIDI signal is config’d correctly.
Also, I’m using foot switch with BB. So I expect pausing with foot switch should pause ditto. Or is my expectation incorrect?
Also - if I have synch’d loop recorded on Ditto, if I then change bmp on BB, should the Ditto follow along and speed up or slow the loop? Or, if I change BB bpm, do I have to re-record loop at new speed?
thanks for any help

I’ll answer my own question -
To get my BB and Ditto x 4 looper working together - I updated the firmware in my Ditto via these instructions:

I have a Mac. There are other sets of directions on the Ditto site - but these are the only ones that properly specify the correct steps to perform the task, including the info on order of connecting the usb cable and power, and describing the interpretation of led flashing lights when the installation completes.

I hope BB support will share this with other Dittos out there.

Now my BB finally controls the Ditto stopping and it’s fantastic.

Midi channel on BB is set to “Omni(All)”

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