Can't get CC-111 pause /unpause to work properly with BT pedal ( Airturn Stomp 6 )

I set up the BT pedal using Onsong and all works great except CC-111 ( pause /unpause ) . it’s glitchy and it’s glitchy no matter what switch I assign to it. what I mean by glitchy is that it does not always switch when the pedal switch is engaged. Pause and unpause works great with my Boss FS-6 plugged into the 1/4" footswitch jack on the BB. I have no more room on my pedal board for the extra pedal so I would like to control pause/unpause with the BT pedal. I know it should work and I probably am missing a step or some setting I need to turn on or off but I am at a loss. Any help setting this up will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, what version of the BeatBuddy are you on?