cant get downloaded user songs on pedal and play them

I downloaded some user song files and want to put the in a folder of my own to play can someone please give clear directions on how to do this ive tried everything!!!

You simply can’t do it without manager software.

  1. You open manager software
  2. Import - Export > Import Project from Pedal. Select SD card with content.
  3. (optionally) Make a new folder. Organize > New Folder.
  4. Import a downloaded song to the folder you wish. Import - Export > Import Song.
  5. Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal. Select SD card with content.
  6. Choose Yes for overriding prompt. I have no idea why this prompt is even there. There is simply no other way to upload a content without overwriting everything!

I added a short tip topic that addresses this issue at Add New Songs to a BeatBuddy SD Card

Thanks, Dan