Can't get my samples to play in the drum editor

Hello, I downloaded the free Yamaha hybrid kit from drum drop and am trying to build it on the drum editor.
However once the kit is imported and saved it wont play. I tried building the kit from scratch and also tried editing a copy of the standard kit. Also while I’m building the kit it lets me preview the samples I’ve added until the the kit is saved, then no more preview. What am I doing wrong?

Have you watched my drum editor tutorials? You can’t just import a third party kit you have to create it from scratch and use the correct mapping so the BB songs. Strange that you are having problems with editing a drum kit already on the beatbuddy. There are lots of pitfalls but my videos should cover most.

Hey John, I’ve watched your videos many times over the past few days they have been a big help. So yeah lets say I make a copy of the standard kit and replace the kick drum #36 with the wav files from drum drop and save, then no kick drum and no preview in the editor. Maybe its the wav files themselves that the beatbuddy software doesn’t like?

By the way the drum drop wav files are 44.1kHz 24 bit wav files. They also give you 16 bit files which I cant get to work either.

I also put a wave file on the beat builder of glass breaking and it works on the Beat Buddy Manager but it doesn’t work when I export it to the Beat Buddy pedal. Why?

Ok, I tried to use one of the files for an accent hit and got an “unable to open or parse file” alert.
it goes on to say “wave file is either unaccessible or invalid or in unsupported format” it goes on to say, it must be 16-24 bit 44.1kHz. which it is, so we can rule out invalid or unsupported. So that leaves us with unaccessible. So the question is where exactly do the files need to be to be accessible to the software?

The exact location of the file you want to use for an Accent Hit doesn’t matter. When you select it (and it is valid!), it will be automatically copied to where the BBManager needs it.

However, in order for your WAV file to be valid it should

  • weigh no more than 2.7Mb
  • contain no more than 15 seconds of sound
  • actually needs to be a WAV one - 16-24bit, 44.1kHz
  • other file formats (like MIDI, or an MP3 for an Accent Hit) are not supported in this firmware version.

Thanks for listening to us.
I have the same issue, my file is 16 bit 44.1 and is 963kb. It plays fine in the drum editor as a new instrument but not in the song I’ve created. The song will play internal BB sounds from my own midi files, just not mine. When I shut down and reload the project the sounds no longer play in the drum editor either. I’m working on a mac (yosemite) and BB manager I’m about to try on a PC…

In addition to the above, I get an unexpected BB manager quit when I try to import any drum set in mac OS 10.8.5

I’m running into the exact same situation as the original poster. I too created a drum kit in BB Manager using the Yamaha Hybrid samples from and the .wav samples all played back during the editing/creation process. I updated my project, made sure to backup the new kit I created as a save-as. And just like others reporting here, when you load the Yamaha Hybrid kit on the pedal itself, none of the samples playback. Then when you reopen the project and the Yamaha kit in BB Manager, all the drum samples are still there but clicking on the audition button produces nothing but silence, the .wav files do not play back. If you add some additional layers to an instrument and select the same .wav files (or different ones), audio audition works as expected for those newly added .wav samples…but the original samples that were used when you first created the Kit still do not play back.

I’m like the others, I have no idea what could be causing this issue. The samples are all 24-bit 44.1K .wav samples. Looking at the sample sizes, they are anywhere between 300kb to 800kb and several are 1mb and upwards towards 3mb.

So is there actually a sample size limit and if so, what is it?

Try copying the samples to your bbworkspace and then add the files from there. If the audition button works then it should work once synced with the pedal.