Can't Help Falling in Love UB40 C G A

Wanted … Wise Men !
Fools rush in …

In Strings do the Vcl guide … Verse, Bridge Verse
Main V Br V
Outro … roll into Bridge, V tag 3x

opk in C
Rock w Rhodes kit

Great song/cover by UB40. Sadly these files are not accessible. Bad link :frowning:

Did you ever get the download for this , I cant seem to find it ?

Can’t_Help_Falling_In_Love_G.sng (584.4 KB)

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Can’t_Help_Falling_In_Love_C_opk.sng (575.4 KB)
Can’t_Help_Falling_In_Love_C.sng (604.6 KB)
Can’t_Help_Falling_In_Love_A.sng (584.4 KB)

I guess IAJRZ has them