Can't make songs from scratch

I am having an issue in the editing program. I can copy and paste, and import export and move around existing tracks just fine. My issue is whenever i try to make a new song (or simply click on any part of a song) . If I click on any part of the song (intro fill, Main loop, drum fill, etc) it opens up what should be my choices of parts, but nothing is there. If I go to documents and look in default_lib, I have my drum sets, midi sources, projects, songs, and wave_sources. None of those folders have anything in them. I can’t figure out why because I have saved both the SD cards content and downloaded the backup SD card zip and saved it into the software manager. So all the drums/songs are there. In every tutorial i have seen whenever someone clicks any part of the song it just opens right up to what they need.
What is going wrong?

Are you right-clicking the song part to bring up a menu? Click on Edit and you should be in the Midi Editor window.

Also, are you sure you have the latest BBManager version (1.6.4 Mac / 1.6.5 Win)? If not, please download it here:

@BeatBuddy Support I do have the most recent version, the same problem persists.

@persist thank you for showing me that, but its not what i meant. if you look at any song click a part of it (intro, main drum loop, fill, etc) it is supposed to open all the midi files available that came with the beat buddy. that way i can select whatever i want without having to open another song and copy paste. For me, when i click on it, it brings up no files. And certainly no files with the names of the song parts (the file names are all strange).

@BeatBuddy Support
Here is what I mean, in this tutorial (and most other tutorials i have found) when he starts to create a song he clicks on the part he wants to create and the window it is bringing up on mine is not what he gets. (around the 7 min mark)

I don’t have any selectable midi files, and when i go to the folders marked songs, or midi_sources nothing is there.

What OS are you using?

@BeatBuddy Support OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5

Sean, if Support hasn’t circled back to help you with this, Mac OS is in my wheelhouse. Would you care to do a remote session?

I’d like to do a phone support session with you. I am not 100% what is happening, but I suspect that the workspace may actually be in a different location on your computer than where you are being directed. Please email me at with your phone number and days + times I can call, so we can see what’s happening. Also, please download and install Teamviewer:

@BeatBuddy Support thank you, I sent an email to schedule a session.

@persist Thanks for the offer, I am going to talk to support first, but if for some reason we can’t figure it out I’ll let you know.