Can't open the Beat Buddy Manager

Re: BeatBuddy Manager Software version 132

Thanks for the help.

I have it downloaded, and SD stuck my card into the cardreader. My computer recognizes it and I can see the files by using My Computer, but the Beat Buddy screen doesn’t come up to give me the option of hitting the dropdown menu to show Import or Export options, as per the instructions.

In other words, I can’t open or even locate Beat Buddy Manager.

My computer just asks me if I want to “use this drive as a full backup drive”…

Log jam again.

…BTW what’s up with all the Marches??? Marching bands (which usually includes percussion)get 5 or 6 options - can they even use the Beat Buddy??

…while finger pickers like me, who play tons of 2/4 have access to only polka…:slight_smile: Chet Atkins is turnin’ over in his grave, guys!! As far as I can see there are only two 2/4 beats on the machine…

I thought this machine was created for solo artists, mainly. How many solo artist marching bands are there??? haha > people do some strange stuff…

Thanks for your help!

:slight_smile: don
whiplash Posts: 2Joined: Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:42 pm

Manager software isn’t (yet) intended to launch automatically when BeatBuddy is plugged into computer.

You simply launch BBManager as you do with every other Windows application.

The BeatBuddy is designed for anyone who needs to be able to control a beat, so great for guitarists but also keyboardist and any other instrument, even your voice. They have tried to make the BeatBuddy as versatile as possible by including a number of genres. For me marching is not very useful and neither is hip hop, drum & bass or Metal but I am sure someone will find those useful. The beauty of the BB is the ability to add your own beats using midi files, however to do that you currently need a Windows machine preferably Win7 or Vista to run the BB manager software.