Can't rename instruments nor reassign instrument notes in BBM beta

I was editing drum kits to add some hi-hat edge sounds but found that I can’t edit the notes or instrument names in the drum kit editor. I ended up just adding a bunch of no-name kits until I got to the notes I wanted (specifically 22 and 26) then deleting the unused ones.

When I hovered over the instrument names, the cursor turned to a pointing hand making me believe there was some kind of link there but nothing happened when I single or double clicked on it.

I think this is a bug in that version of BBmanager

Good to know it wasn’t user error. Thx

This is the bug that I always make reference to when mentioning the 1.6 beta - it makes editing drum kits virtually impossible.

I was able to work around it, sort of.

Hello Start it always " As Administrator" (Windows of corse) link works then but drag and drop still not…

Great tip, I will give that a try.

Tried it, didn’t work. Anxiously awaiting the next firmware update.

Strange it works here

I believe you. I’m running W10, you?

The same

  • downloaded installed

  • “link not working, update to not working”

  • set to (right mouse click) "always Start as admin.

  • update to link works again.

Maybe it got fixed in, I’m running I’ll see if I can do the update.

I finally updated to by running as administrator then selecting the update from the BBManager. Can confirm that I can now tweak the names and levels of the instruments. Thanks OldMan.

Where can I find beta 1.6 for download ?

You need to email BBSupport to get As noted above, if you load as Administrator, you can then upgrade to via the Update menu selection in It’s version that allows renaming of instruments in drum kits.

Thanks for your answer. Have done that and been waiting a week for answer.

As mentioned in another response, it had some problems so we couldn’t send it. I sent you the Windows version. If you need the Mac version, let me know.