Cant save changes

Arghh just got the dreaded cant save to sd card. Tried 2 cards neither will accept changes. In the manager it is showing that the files are being overwrote to the card. But they dont appear when the card is inserted into the beatbuddy
Now this has just started. Ive been able to export projects without any problem up to today
Tried rebooting the manager, a different card and even another beatbuddy No luck.

Check that

  • your cards aren’t locked
  • the size of your project does not exceed the capacity of the card
  • use the computer SD slot reader—not the USB connection method

Its ok got it working. Its really weird but my eyesight isn’t so good these days but for some reason when I clicked on export project the dialogue box said export to C drive instead of E drive and I didnt see it. But curious as to why it would do this when the command is to export to SD card. Anyway I got around this by manually selecting the SD card as the export location.
Previously this was all done automatically when exporting
Ive noticed also that previously the SD card would parse automatically when inserted but it doesn’t do that now?
Have tried 2 different cards?

Curious as to why you are using Export Project to SD card but you never mention Synchronize to SD card. As long as you have been using the same project, after you’ve exported to that project for the first time, you should be able to synchronize which saves the changes to the project instead of the entire project. Much quicker process.

Oh didn’t know. Anyway as I said I can get around the problem by manually selecting. Im just wondering if the bbmanager has something wrong

I don’t think anything’s wrong with your BBM. Our computer OSs are supposed to prompt us for the locations of where we are to export files. Whenever we remove our SD cards from the slot reader, our OS sometimes loses track of the path to the card.

Thanks all good thanks for the tip re synchronising