Cant set loop volumes in mixer when no pre recorded audio is present

This is a big issue for live looping, can you please have a look at fixing it.

I need to set loop volumes when there’s no pre-recorded audio but if there’s no audio in the tracks which there won’t be if you’re making everything live it won’t let you change mixer volumes!

So now, as a workaround; everytime I turn the looper on I have to turn the master volume down three notches (the playback level I need so you can hear my lead lines on top of the rhythm n bass I’ve laid down) which will be a massive pain live.

Or have I missed something and is there a way to do it?

Can we please have it to allow mixer volumes to be changed if there’s no audio (I assume this is a bug, I mean you still need to be able to set playback volume even if theres no pre-recorded audio) Being able to set up loop playback volumes is kind of basic really.


Masten :slight_smile:


I would not call this a bug, this is a feature request. Mixing was not intended as something to be done before the fact. We can look into implementing it but it is not currently a priority, definitely stay tuned on this one.

Hi @BrennanSingularSound

Tbh I think this is a bit of an odd decision.

How would it be if you had a looper with knobs for loop volume but it doesn’t allow you to turn them if you dont have pre-recorded audio. That’s currently how the Aeros is operating

The cheapest looper you can buy allows you to set a fixed loop volume that stays the same when it’s turned off and on i.e. a simple physical knob or fader. A £600 looper should give this basic facility too.

I’m not talking about mixing, its just the mixer is where you set loop volumes except you can’t if no recorded audio is present.

The other way to fix it would be to have a setting so you can set the what the default master volume is when it boots.

Is there a workaround for this for the moment?

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Just to add the Aeros with BeatBuddy, once its going is great. Hasn’t skipped a beat yet. Perfect sync n transitions. Its things like the above and having to confirm track delete that are ruining the immediacy of it all.