Can't synchronize project in Beat Buddy Manager

Hello all- I have successfully brought all the default data from BB to the manager, have created a new project, added a folder with new GrooveM generated loops/fills, but the only way I have been able to bring it to the pedal is by exporting the project to the pedal. The Synchronize Project button is not lit for use(emboldened) so it’s not a choice. By accident, it became emboldened once for me AFTER I exported the project to BB. I have reviewed the tutorials but am stymied. Any assistance is appreciated.

Did you Import project from pedal first? If it looses its link I think this can happen failing that you can export project to pedal or copy over the four content folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS and PARAMS from your project directory to the SD card.

Must you import the project every time you want to add new songs before it will allow you to synchronize? I was under the impression that once one imports the project data which is in the pedal that a copy stays in the computer and that when you hook up the UBS any changes will be made in the computer software and the pedal via synchronization. It seems like it took quite some time to import the resident project from BB into the computer, but if that’s what it takes…who am I to blow against the wind?

No, but if it lost its link to the project then that is the easiest way of fixing it. It seems that each time you import the project it creates another copy within the project folder most likely the project on your BB is not the one you loaded the manager. If you use different computers this will also cause this issue.

Hey Snoopy go through Psalm40 Tutorial videos and it helps get you through it … and thanks for doing that Psalm40