Can't We Be Friends with Bass re-up - Jazz Standards

This is loosely based on the Sinatra version from “In The Wee Small Hours.” Sinatra does the full song intro that was traditional in a number of these old tunes. They came from shows and had those intros. It is deleted herein. Also, Frank appears to do the song in Db. I have it as the sheet music does, in F. Sinatra varies from the written music, in a very good way, at the hook, “Can’t We Be Friends” delaying it a least one beat, sometimes two beats. It really fits better that way. Instrumentalists seem to struggle to fit it at the downbeat of the measure. It feels odd. Frank, to his credit, fixed that. The Ella Fitzgerald/Louis Armstrong version, on YouTube, handles the original time pretty well, but even there, at the first contact with the measure, Ella delays in into a drag triplet. Suffice it to say, the performance is left to interpretation

This uses NP Brushes Upright 63_91

includes .sng, lyrics and chord sheet, midi file

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