Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band

Can’t You See

Here’s my simplified version of a classic.
I’m using HAND PERCUSSION - Straight 16th - 85 bpm
I’m also playing Full Step down tuning. Using the standard D, C & G chord structure. Oh yeh, also using TC Helicon PlayAcoustic harmonizer pedal with the ‘Take It Easy’ harmony.
Hope it stems some new ideas for you.


Very nice!!

Wow, the bass really comes through well when the camera is right in front of you. Decent sound from what I’m assuming is a cell phone. Was the train actually in the background or was that piped in? Nice job!

I do this song with the PlayAcoustic as well. Currently working on trying to use the looper in the PlayAcoustic too to try to get some of those flute and lead lines in there as well.

I was playing a double bill with another band a few years ago and was going to play Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You.” The other band launched into this song and I thought it was going to be “Thank You.” Same chords. So now I play them both together as a medley.

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Nah, the train was real. The fella working the video just bough some new stabilizing gear for his camera. He just showed up and started videoing me. Yeh it’s definitely a song you could sneak into many other tunes.

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Very Nice !!! I enjoyed it !!! keep on rockin:love_you_gesture:

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Thank you.
Well done.

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