Capturing Tyros 2 Drum Styles as Midi Drum Loops - Help!

I’ve ordered my Beat Buddy from Sweetwater and hope to receive it soon. Yippee!!!

I’ve been using a keyboard that I hate, whenever I have a single or duo gig, the Yamaha Tyros 2. The keys are too small for my fat fingers, some of the internal sounds are pretty wimpy and the display screen is starting to go bad. Once I have the Beat Buddy setup, I’ll be able to use either my Yamaha S90ES or the Yamaha P-255 on single or duo gigs instead of the Tyros 2 (which I’ll then sell on eBay).

The only reason that I still use the Tyros 2 is because of the built in drum styles. Many of the internal Drum Styles are very good along with their variations, fills and endings. Any suggestions on how I might capture these styles via Midi with the goal of creating MIDI Drum Loops that I can then use on the Beat Buddy. I have no intention of getting all of the styles, just the ones that I like and that I’m used to calling up on a gig.

I’ve already purchased quite a few of the MIDI Drum Loop offerings from GrooveMonkee and will be adding those to the Beat Buddy as well.

All helpful suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

PS Is there an ETA yet for a Non-Beta Mac Version of the BBManager?

I’d suggest you watch some tutorial videos on “how-to” BBManager. Start with official ones.
@Psalm40 offers some very insightful tutorial videos as well.

Unfortunately, I am not the one to set any ETAs, but as far as I know, the development is in full progress, and many Mac beta bugs (like tempo display) were fixed.

Thanks for the quick reply and for all of the programming that you did on the Beat Buddy Manager Software.