Card not recognized by the BeatBuddy

I have downloaded songs onto a 32GB card and the card is formatted to FAT32, however, when I put the card in, it shows no SD card. When I press the pedal, it shows, No Song. What did I do wrong?

Is it an SDHC class 10 card?

Make sure the card is not locked.

Put the card back in your computer SD slot reader and use Windows Explorer or the Mac’s Finder to examine the contents to see if they transferred.

Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Export - Project to SD card and at the prompt to Overwrite, press Okay.

Try it out in your pedal.

Yes. It is a class 10 card and the card is unlocked. The card shows the songs are on the card. It is possible that I did something else wrong

Something from one a different thread:

“The solution support@singularsound.comrecommended was to select all contents and delete the contents from your card. Empty the Trash and File - Export - Project to SD card.

Some tips: check that your card is not locked; use your Mac’s SD slot reader—not the USB cable connection to your pedal. Make sure your card is no larger than 32Gb, SDHC CL 10. No need to format new cards. High speed SD (video) cards are not recommended.”

Make sure no songs or folders are names with periods or special characters.