Caribbean "Hilife" rhythm

Hi, I’m looking for caribbean “Hilife” rhythm.

So, you are here also. Here is something. Hope it helps.
Caribbean.sng (8.6 KB)

Thank you Pelvax for that file.

On the moment I can not listen to that file, tomorrow I be home again to listen.

On facebook I put a link to youtube for the beat I was loking for,

The beat is on 09:00.

Greeting Adelarry


Let me know, are you satisfied with sent sng.



Harry van den Berkmortel ezt írta (időpont: 2018. dec. 7., P, 21:38):

Now I see, the first beat is not what you need. So, here is a beat, which is closer. I call it Bo Diddley beat, it’s kind of Calypso and has carribean roots indeed. The construction is simple, fills are in main beats, no fills separately. Contain two main parts, you can change them freely. If you want separate fills, you can pull out midis from parts and cut them, but it’s hard work.
Bo_Diddley.sng (7.6 KB)

Hope you will like it.

Hi Gabor, it is indeed a nice Bo Diddley groove, but not really what I am looking for.
I am looking for something like in this film, starting at 9:06.

Greeting Adelarry

Sorry, I did what I could. Still looking for something.

I understand that Gabor, thank you for that.

Greetings Harry