Cats Under The Stars (jam version) - The Jerry Garcia Band

In the continuing quest to work through the Garcia/Hunter Songbook, I found this gem. I had not ever heard this song until a couple days ago. Any constructive criticism you have regarding this arrangement will be welcome. I tried to capture the spirit of it, but, again, it’s new to me, so I’m sure that had some less than positive impacts.

Uses: Santana Piano and Organ

Includes: .sng, midi parts of all three sections, merged (if you want a GM file, PM me) pdf cheat (61.6 KB)

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Wow Phil one of my favs by JGB. I’ll try it asap. Also did you ever do Eyes of the World and Comes A Time and Uncle Johns Band? Thanks again Phil!

I have an Uncle John’s Band, somewhere, but I haven’t gotten to any of the others yet, it’s basically a one song a day thing, unless I don’t get time to do anything. There aren’t good midis for these, so everything is from scratch.

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