Caught up in you by 38 Special

Looking for Caught Up In You by 38 Special

With or without bass?


Well, it shoots my sharing quota for the quarter, but I don’t see SS/Goran doing this one, so…

Caught up in You.sng (9.2 KB)


Thank you very much! I gotta learn how to do this so I can help other BeatBuddies!

No problem, happy to help.

Forgot to mention: I think the only potential “gotcha” is that the intro includes the count-in and two bars of guitar before the verse starts, so you don’t actually hear the transition from intro to verse. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward, and works just fine with any drum kit.

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@JoeInOttawa 10x mate! Are there any other songs you posted here? I desperately need some new songs and am not good enough of a drummer to create the beats.

10x again! :slight_smile:

So that worked for you, then? Excellent!

I don’t post many songs because I don’t like to hijack Goran or SS’s ability to make a living, so, although I know I’ve posted maybe three or four over the years, I honestly can’t remember what they were. Also, if you have a look at the MIDI files I sent you, you’ll notice a bunch of strategically-placed Note-1s, because my files are all customized to run my lights, so they may not work for everyone, depending on the drum kit you’re using.

You can see how all of that works live on a lot of the videos on our YouTube playlist, if you’re interested.

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@JoeInOttawa I find that statement about hijacking SS and Goran’s ability to make a living kind of confusing.

Is creating songs and posting them here (in a non “one press” format) discouraged by SS?
Isn’t it the whole point of having a “Song Requests” tag in the forum? What am I missing?

Anyways though, 10x for being awesome and kind-hearted.


@alon7, nope, they have never once made any noise about not posting songs. But they do make a living selling songs and beats, and they have been incredibly helpful and generous to me any time I’ve had any problems that required their intervention, so I studiously try to avoid interfering with their ability to create and sell.

Nothing nefarious on their part, and I have no problem with people who choose to post tunes. I just generally choose not to out of respect for a crew that has been instrumental in my ability to make a few bucks making music.


I kind of have a different prespective on that matter.

If you (and other people) start uploading songs on a regular basis, the community grows, the product gets more exposure, and SS make more money. Pretty simple.

But again, that’s just my prespective and you’re indeed a class-act.

Keep Rockin’ :love_you_gesture:

I appreciate that perspective, and I see the validity in it. When I do post songs, it’s usually to help people get going, so I sort of share your perspective in my own way as well.

Have a fantastic weekend!