CC-113 needs option to trigger the BeatBuddy without triggering the Aeros

I’m probably missing something here, but I would like … well you can see what I would like. There is an option in CC-113 for Aeros only. Why not for BeatBuddy only? I am just wanting to specify which part for the BeatBuddy only. I would settle for next and previous part. Relying on which part is selected on the Aeros and using CC-120 is not convenient. Please tell me that this is a solved/non issue, and that the BeatBuddy/Aeros Midi Commands List is beyond my comprehension level.

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Sorry for the lack of reply but we may fulfill this request soon, thanks for the input! The dev is currently looking into it.

Thank you so much, Brennan. I just also want to perhaps be a little clearer and specific about what it is that I am requesting.

Until like a couple of updates ago, I was able to program the Midi Maestro to send a CC-113 to the Aeros to change to a specific part (1 through 6 on a 6x6 recording), and send another command to the BeatBuddy for “next part” with a single button press and release.

This was so helpful because I could hit the button twice or more, and it would simply trigger “next part” for the BeatBuddy without triggering the Aeros at all.

The new behavior of CC-113 is if I have more parts recorded on the Aeros than I have parts for whatever specific beat I am using with the BeatBuddy, then when I trigger say “part 4”, and the BeatBuddy only has 3 parts, then “part 4” will trigger on the Aeros, but the BeatBuddy will do nothing. No fill. No transition. Nada sqada.

Long story short is that Singular Sound has taken functionality away from me, and frankly, I want it back. PLEASE!

We are looking into this, we will not be changing any of the new behavior or reverting but we will be using a new CC (likely CC121) that only the BeatBuddy will respond to

Thanks for the request and the feedback

Then please, at least partially, take CC-113’s hold off of the BeatBuddy so that I may be allowed to do (once again) what I have described above. Please don’t make this problem worse. And by worse I believe I mean more complicated.

I’m a little stressed because I guess I really don’t understand what you and the Dev’s goal is here in regards to CC-113, and now possibly CC-121, but I really hope it is control independence.

It seems to me that you would want to easily control one, or the other, or both within the confines of a single button press. This is what I want anyways…