CC 113 question

In 6x6 mode I want to change part with the Aeros and the BB together with the BB transition. And I want this to happen at the end of the loop. The closest I can come to this is ( changing to Part 2) cc113 #2 on the down press and then 113 # 0 on the release ( up) but this changes part at the end of the measure ( not the loop)even though I have the aeros change part setting at the end of the loop. I don’t find the CC113 command explanations very clear at all.
Thanks Tony

So gonna try to explain this:
Let we suppose you want to change the parts with the transition and this when you press the switch on the first measure and waiting for the last measure for the change. that will causing the transition still running from the 1 measure the the last and then the parts change !
If this is what you want, you need to use the Next part CC 113 Value 127 in combination with the “Go to selected” CC 113 value 0 in this case you select the part that you want and the transition start running, when you press the “Go selected” The transition stop and the Part change to the want you selected ,in 6X6 you can start on Part 1 and press 2 times the Next Part switch to jump on Part 3 than press go selected and transition stop and Part 3 play. Take a look in video here on 6.50 All the new features-Les nouvelles commandes AEROS (FR/ENG) - YouTube

Thanks Steve much appreciated. I understand what your saying - ideally what I would like is to have 1 button i.e 113 value 1 to 6 - the reason being that its hard to look down while playing the violin. Ideally Id like to just press the change part button on the MM at some point in the loop, then it transitions at the end of the loop and changes part. maybe your method will work - Im just trying to avoid toggling buttons - its hard to do while playing a violin. Cheers Tony

Hey there,

Unfortunately the way Aeros works with by using the Press/release logic, this allows the Aeros to switch parts when the user is ready, like the BB.

It could be that what you need is a new feature that allows the user to always switch at the end of the longest loop in a part, this would be it’s own MIDI command likely.

You are free to make such a request

My interpretation of the explanation on the spreadsheet is that it will change part at the end of the loop if that is set in the preferences eg
Change Part 1-6
"Begin the transition to part (part # = value #) according to the Change Part setting (Immediately/End of Measure/End of Loop).