CC from RC-300 to BB

Complete MIDI noob here. I’ve searched for hours with zero answers. It looks like the RC-300 can send CC’s. The MIDI manual says volume can be controlled by “CC-108 [0-100] Change the Mixer Volume (Main Volume knob)”

The RC-300 only goes to “CC-95.”

How do I change “CC-108” to “CC-95” on the beat buddy so I can control volume with the expression pedal on the RC-300?

Please explain well and be gentle. I have no clue what I’m doing.

That is the only video that I found that makes any kind of sense.

So would I have to open every single MIDI file associated with BB in a DAW and (per whatever program he’s using in the video) draw a straight line from the start of the file to the end of the file at CC-95 to accomplish adjusting BB volume with my expression pedal?

Then what? Do I save and Overwrite every midi file associated with BB once I have done this for every file?

Where would I save these files?

Hey there,

I don’t really think you can do this without a MIDI converter that will literally change the CC command sent by a device… not sure where to find them let alone program them, maybe someone will chime in.

The BB is not meant to change commands from one to another CC, this is not the standard operation of any device, CC usually stay in place per device. Sorry that this limitation has gotten in the way hope you can find more info.