CC113 switch part EOL (91-96) : defaulting to EOM?


Tested in 2x2 :
When sending a CC113 71 or 72, the part switching is immediate as expected.
When sending a CC113 81 or 82, the part switching is at end of measure as expected.

But when sending a CC113 91-92, the part switching keeps happening at end of measure if End of measure is the set in Behavior / Change song part.
I can’t make it switch at end of loop unless if I change the overall setting in Behavior / change song part to End of Loop.

My understanding was that the purpose of CC113 101-102 was to follow the “global” Change part setting whatever it is, while the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s purpose was to over-ride that setting.

Am I missing something or is this a bug ?


Is this the right place to ask these questions (and hopefully get some feeback) , or is the another place to discuss and get support about possible bugs ?

Sharing here to the community the response received after emailing Support :

“I’ve consulted with our development team regarding the issue you’re experiencing. They have informed me that this should be addressed in the upcoming release of version 5.2.1.”

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Hey there,

Yes this is the right place, and correct this should be fixed in upcoming 5.2.1,

Thanks for you questions and for reporting!