CCR - Long as I can see the Light

Here’s a version of CCR’s Long as I can see the Light that I worked up. I’m mostly happy with it, though getting the timing right of the fill was challenging in the BBManager editor. I need to learn how to do it with my Korg keyboard in a DAW instead.

One note, if I Quantize the fill, it seems to omit the first beat of the next measure/add an extra beat onto the end of the fill. If I re-open the editor, it’s back to un-quantized and the timing is perfect. Not sure why that’s happening, just make sure you don’t quantize.

@persist - Is this an example of what you were talking about? I tried to add a super-low volume hi-hat hit in the last measure of the fill, but it still acted the same. Quantized it was a hair too long and un-quantized it was perfect. I was able to un-quantize it by just reopening the editor, noting that it had reverted to un-quantized, and then hitting Apply to leave it un-quantized.

Long As I can See the (1.5 MB)

Naw, this isn’t what I was referring to. I don’t use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) quantize feature at all simply because, for me, it creates these type of issues. It also seems to affect the duration of some musical notes (bass, etc).