CCR "Looking Out My Backdoor"

Anybody got anything for this one . I have a beat but would love some bass. I’d do it my computer is a P.O.S keeps freezing up when i try to write a song.

I posted 2 versions in Resources. Since you said you were looking for drums/bass I posted that but also included one with piano. BTW I can’t sing that high so I would have to transpose it to another key if I were to sing it. Let me know if you need it in a different key.

I do it the same key as the original. Thanks a lot man

Wow, that’s great range! You are blessed my brother! I posted Into the Mystic[/URL] after playing around with Phil’s [URL=‘’]STAX O’ SAX kit.

You da man …I gotta upgrade my computer it keeps freezing up everytime i try to write a song

No problem! I’m just having fun doing the arrangements. Still learning like everybody else!